Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Besame Cosmetics Snow White One Bite Review

Happy day after Christmas! I hope it was fun for everyone! So today the day after Christmas, I didn't feel like dressing up so I decided to go for the black turtleneck and dark blue skinny jeans today and I was feeling very Gloria Swanson like with this turban and added a pin curl to complete the no frills hairstyle. I finally have my Snow White makeup collection from Besame Cosmetics complete! Today I'm wearing One Bite from Besame and will also have the video review of that and my other Snow White lipsticks review up later on. Be sure to subscribe at BlackPin Ups on Youtube! I am so in love with this color that and Snow White Red, all the full tubes of lipsticks from this collection are $24. The minis from the Seven Dwarfs set are $35. 
I of course and wearing a full face of Besame. 

Eyeshadow: My eyeshadow today was from the Snow White Storybook Eye Shadow Palette. 
Lids: Cocoa 103
Crease: Brick 105
Brow bone: Saddle 104
Eyebrows: Brown Cake Mascara
Eyeliner and mascara: Black Cake Mascara
Cheeks: 1915 Rose Delicate Rogue. 
Face: Maybelline Fit Me! Coconut, Besame's Cocoa Cashmere Foundation Stick, French Vanilla Brightening Powder 
Lips: Snow White's Pies Balm Trio I'm wearing Apple and then One Bite from Snow White Collection. I love the color! It's a nice warm reddish brown color. It has just the right of brown and just the right amount of rose color. I didn't want to do in your face red like Besame Red or Victory Red and I didn't want to wear Merlot which is a wine red, I wanted something with more brown but just the right red. Yet again Gabriela has done it again! I love the color, since I'm wearing dark colors today with the exception of the pink cheeks (I needed to balance out with the reds) this is a new favorite go to color. I plan to buy another tube of this color and another tube of Snow White Red. Stay tuned for more vintage/pinup posts!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Pinup Christmas Makeup

If anyone knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE Christmas! I have never done Christmas eye makeup and wanted to try it out. I decided to be literal and go with the red, green, and white Christmas colors. I have gotten lots of compliments on it, even the famous Mrs. Claus loved my makeup! The details are below.

For the pictures of my short pin curl hair style 
Foundation: Maybeline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Coconut, Besame Cosmetics Cocoa Cashmere Foundation Stick, Besame Cosmetics French Vanilla Brightening Powder
Eyebrows: Besame Cosmetics Brown Cake Mascara
Eyeliner & Mascara: Besame Cosmetics Black Cake Mascara    Lashes: L.A. Colors Dainty Lashes
Eyelids: Besame Cosmetics Snow White Story Book Eyeshadow Palette: Red 14, outer corner of lids and outer crease, Brick 105 
Crease: Wet n Wild-Pride palette: Sparkly green, brow bone, white
Lips: Besame Cosmetics Besame Red
Cheeks: 1915 Rose Delicate Rogue

For those of you that want don't want such a bright red for eyelids try a darker red color, I know it will look beautiful.

Makeup the same as above, lipstick, Besame Cosmetics: Snow White Red (limited edition)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Besame Cosmetics 7 Mini Dwarfs Lipstick Try out - Sneezy

Today I'm wearing "Sneezy" from the Snow White collection from Besame Cosmetics, from the Seven Dwarfs mini lipsticks. It has a nice plum color to it. I decided to go with a different look today and be casual. While the foundation, brows, mascara, and eyeliner are from Besame, I'm wearing L.A. Colors Matte Eyeshadow. I love wearing my big hoop earrings, they are very rock n roll but unfortunately I can't wear them at concerts because they're heavy and I can't dance and head bang with them on. Oh the downsides of being a fashionista, it comes with the territory. At the time of this posting Besame Cosmetics still has them for sale. I do hope they release a similar shade I really like this one. It reminds me a bit of Wild Orchid, I really like this one. Stay tuned for the next blog post. Also I just received word that I will get two packages from Besame next week! I can't wait to show those off and my vintage makeup. I will also be adding more videos and blog posts (Besame aside) and a Q&A! See you soon!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Besame Cosmetics 7 Mini Dwarfs Lipstick Try out- Happy

So today I decided to try out  "Happy" from the Besame Cosmetics 7 Mini Dwarfs from the Snow White Collection for the 80th anniversary. And I'm really liking it so far! My skin undertone is orange so I was a little hesitant when deciding to wear it this morning but it looks great! Also, I'm going for a different look and trying to experiment with eye shadows. I'm still wearing Besame of course, their Snow White Story Book Eye Shadow Palette, but I decided to try out pink today to go with my pink Marilyn Monroe shirt. On my eyelids I'm wearing Holly 104, for the crease I'm wearing Saddle 106, and for the brow bone I'm wearing Salmon 103. Eyebrows and eyeliner, and lashes, all from Besame and I'm wearing the Cocoa Cashmere Foundation Stick.

At the time of this posting everything is still available on Besame's website with the exception of the Story Book Eye Shadow Palette. But you can buy it here at Box Lunch

Stay tuned for my next Mini Dwarfs lipstick.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Calendar specification and look

Here is a picture of my calendar for 2015 for Black Pinups, this is what the calendar will look like when I am done. So for those of you that don't know what kind of pictures to submit or what the calendar looks like, I have two screenshots of what is in this year's calendar. Professional shots only like these two above. Please send high resolution or send me the photographer's info or have them contact me so I can get your photos. I have had a lot of submissions of pictures from Facebook, selfies or candid, hardly any of them are professional. And the pictures are small (200KB) some even submitted 50KB which are profile pictures from Facebook and these are not acceptable. Pictures of that size will be grainy and blurry. 
Here is what I need:
*Landscape or horizontal
*8.5 x11
*1MB or higher in size
*300 DPI or higher is acceptable
So please send me the photographer's info if you don't know what I mean by size specs. And you can send the pictures either through attachment or on dropbox.com email address will be blackpinups@yahoo.com

Thank you,


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Donation drive to help My Belleza Inc.

Hello everyone, it's Candace Michelle founder of Black Pinups. Below you will read information of a fellow pinup lovely, Samantha who is asking for your help with her new publication, My Belleza Inc. It's for a great cause so please help if you can!

Thank you!

xo Candace

 I am a military spouse her stationed at Fort Campbell. I mentor and minister to women and young girls. I also am a published model with experience in the fashion industry. I train these ladies who are inspired and want to become models. Little do they know how much they will actually gain by working with me! My mission is to empower and uplift our female society spiritually through Christ and give our youth a chance to a brighter future.

Recently I launched an online magazine called "My Belleza Inc." which is also my company marketing name. Currently I have 6 young ladies under my wing!  March 7th "Sunburst" will be holding a Pageant and Model Search contest at the Governor’s Square Mall at 5pm. In order to prepare the girls paying for their registration and attire, I would like to hold a donation collection to help support the girls and we will also be donating a third of what we raise to "The Emanuel Family Life Center" her in Clarksville, TN. The Emanuel Family Life Center is a nonprofit organization who feeds the homeless, caters to our youth and help our community through Christ.

Our goal also with "MyBelleza Inc." is to be able to help others who wish to register for the Sunburst Event who may be unable to due to finances. Get our youths attention and giving back to our community is what is in our heart! If you are interested in helping please let me know. I am reaching out to a few local businesses that are willing to have a donation box and flyers to support the cause. We are collecting $5 donation with a chance to win a $100 gift card! There will be multiple winners depending on the donation result. Of course all donations are welcome; however, $5 or more enters you in. Multiple entries are welcome to win. You will be provided with all the materials needed and all people have to do is take a ticket, fill it out, staple it to their donation and enter it into the box (instructions will be visible on the ballot box)!

Last but not least, the businesses that choose to help will be named as a sponsor for one of the girls which will be named at the event, put out through social media, as well as a radio broadcast! The business will also be mentioned in the donation to The Emanuel Family Life Center.  Please review the website as well as the event pages below.


Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Pose like a Pinup!

So you read (at least I hope you did) on how to be a pinup model, but what about posing? Well I recently came across a wonderful model, by the name of Cherry Dollface and she gives video tutorials on how to do just that! Not only does she show you how to pose, but how to pose with props, and facial expressions of a pinup model. Also she tells you how to market yourself as a pinup model. These videos are amazing and very helpful! You can also "Like" her on Facebook and subscribe to her on YouTube! Good luck and I can't wait to see your pictures!

Facebook: The Cherry Dollface Facebook
YouTube: The Cherry Dollface