Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How to be a Pinup Model 3 - How to Prepare for a Photoshoot by Cherry Dollface

Great video from my girl Cherry Dollface! This will be helpful to you if you're new to modeling. Also here are links to my previous blog posts, videos (from Cherry Dollface) on how to be a pinup model. Good luck with your photo shoots!

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YouTube: The Cherry Dollface

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My Favorite Modern Period TV Shows - 50's & 60's edition

So this is my first blog post of the new year! And this post is about TV shows that have come out in the 2000's that are period dramas taken place in the 50's 60's like: Magic City (1959), Mad Men (1960-1970), Pan Am (1961), Vegas (1961), and an Amazon original Good Girls (1969). I will give ratings and why they are my favorite and why you should check them out!

1. Magic City

2. Mad Men

3. Pan Am

4. Vegas

5. Good Girls Revolt

Magic City

So let's start from the beginning shall we? I first heard of Magic City while I was walking down the street in North Hollywood and kept seeing the poster (the first picture) everywhere on Subway billboards and on the streets of L.A. So I was finally able to see it and the first episode I was sold. I can't even tell you how amazing the clothing was. I was going to school as a fashion designer and loved every stitch of clothing, beautifully and wonderfully made. And the set was impeccable and the cars! Oh my goodness the cars! So the story line is about a good guy, who runs a hotel but his "silent partner" is not so silent with how he does his business, he's a mafioso and kills without batting an eye, even something as small as the dog was barking, why? In his words, "I'm on the phone." The mobster played so evilly wonderful by Danny Huston, son of John Huston famous director of The Asphalt Jungle (1950), The African Queen (1951), Maltese Falcon (1941) and other great movies from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was an absolute dream who was totally in love with his wife, children, and loved being a hotel owner. But he was a conflicted man in terms of wanting to be a good guy, but to have what he wants at any cost, yet  not wanting to resort to conflict and dangerous means to have live his life. It's a very glamorous and nail biting show. I'm sad that it ended after only two seasons. As of December 2017 Jeffrey Dean Morgan said that there will be a movie of Magic City! You can see the complete series on Netflix and if you're an addict like me, purchase it on I know you will enjoy!
5 stars

Mad Men

So Mad Men....oh Mad Men! I had such an interesting introduction to this show. I actually didn't like it. I saw the first episode and didn't like it. And this was after the big hoopla and everyone telling me that I should get into it. So I have spoken to a few people who also told me that they had a hard time getting into the show because of the slow (and quiet) start of the first few episodes. It took me FOUR times to get into this show! And I will admit I was so pissed at Don Draper! Oh my gosh was I so mad at how he was treating Betty, and then later on as the show went on I began to loathe her character and somewhat like Don. Oh the irony! As a girl that watches classic movies, and studies fashion, Mad Men nailed the 1960's era. And I loved that it successfully went from 1960-1970. My favorite characters were in order: Joan, Roger, Megan, Don, and later Pete as the series went on. I would say it really got better in the third season. A show about men in the ad business and their love affairs. It definitely gives you an insight on how times were in the 1960's. This will be added to my collection in the upcoming months, after all I'm preparing for Viva Las Vegas!
4.5 stars

Pan Am

Pan Am. It is so unfortunate that this was only on for one season because there were so many questions and it was so awesome! I remember when this show first came out I was living in North Hollywood and it was great! There is a Burbank boutique by the name of Audrey K! And they sold Pan Am replicas, they had the bags, hat, travel cases, pins, travel tags and dressed their window mannequins and displays in Pan Am wear, we're talking blue uniforms and hats. The story line is a bit of all over the place from secret spy, to love triangle, to party adventurous girl and so on.  But it makes for great entertainment and gives the show more dimensional. The downside is sometimes the green screen is very obvious, but it's such a cute show. I would say my favorite character is definitely Cristina Ricci's who I think is an underrated actress speaking of Cristina, be sure to see her in Amazon's original, Z: The Beginning of Everything she's great in it!
3.5 stars

I just recently ordered and watched Vegas! I watched it when it was on TV back 2012. This show takes place in Las Vegas in 1961 based on real life events of Ralph Lamb, a former Clark County Deputy Sheriff in Las Vegas. Dennis Quaid plays Sheriff Lamb and Michael Chiklis, most known for his role in The Shield as LAPD  Detective Vic Mackey who plays the mobster. I really like this show it's different from the previous shows in the list. It's not glamorous and polished like Pan Am, Mad Men, and Magic City. This is Vegas in it's pre-corporate days, and in the beginning stages of glam Vegas. This show is about a mobster trying to run his casino and the Sheriff trying to keep his town clean. Back then a lot of casinos were run with blood and dirty money from mobsters; fronted by honest guys as to keep the feds out of their hair. It is definitely a cowboy show but enjoyable especially Dixon Lamb played by Taylor Handley. It has humor, danger, drama, love, and Vegas! It's definitely a worth a watch! It's just unfortunate it was only for one season. But at least you will get 21 hour long episodes out of it!
3.5 stars

Good Girls Revolt 

Last on the list is an Amazon original called Good Girls Revolt. Based on real life events as told by Patti Robinson who worked at News of the Week in 1969. This was such a great series and I was rooting for all of them at the end. The clothing was great and they even used Besame (Dusty Rose) lipstick in one of their scenes! You know how much I LOVE Besame! True to form that when I like anything that is a period drama it gets cancelled. Unfortunately this happened to the show, cancelled after one season. But it was good to see a show based on the work place and the treatment of women and how they fought for equality in a series. All of the shows I mentioned above with the exception of Pan Am were men based and created kind of a glamour of the time with beautiful clothing, sets, and music, and makeup. This show showed what women had to go through and how they took charge and made a change. I was really impressed with it.

So that is my top 5 favorite shows, shows that I own and love. I don't know if Good Girls Revolt will be available as a DVD set or not. So check out a few of the episodes of each show if you haven't and tell me what you think. I hope one day there will be a long running series of period drama like how Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire lasted, seven seasons and five season respectively. I will post another blog on my top 5 favorite shows from the 1900's-1940's so stay tuned!
3.5 stars

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Besame Cosmetics Snow White One Bite Review

Happy day after Christmas! I hope it was fun for everyone! So today the day after Christmas, I didn't feel like dressing up so I decided to go for the black turtleneck and dark blue skinny jeans today and I was feeling very Gloria Swanson like with this turban and added a pin curl to complete the no frills hairstyle. I finally have my Snow White makeup collection from Besame Cosmetics complete! Today I'm wearing One Bite from Besame and will also have the video review of that and my other Snow White lipsticks review up later on. Be sure to subscribe at BlackPin Ups on Youtube! I am so in love with this color that and Snow White Red, all the full tubes of lipsticks from this collection are $24. The minis from the Seven Dwarfs set are $35. 
I of course and wearing a full face of Besame. 

Eyeshadow: My eyeshadow today was from the Snow White Storybook Eye Shadow Palette. 
Lids: Cocoa 103
Crease: Brick 105
Brow bone: Saddle 104
Eyebrows: Brown Cake Mascara
Eyeliner and mascara: Black Cake Mascara
Cheeks: 1915 Rose Delicate Rogue. 
Face: Maybelline Fit Me! Coconut, Besame's Cocoa Cashmere Foundation Stick, French Vanilla Brightening Powder 
Lips: Snow White's Pies Balm Trio I'm wearing Apple and then One Bite from Snow White Collection. I love the color! It's a nice warm reddish brown color. It has just the right of brown and just the right amount of rose color. I didn't want to do in your face red like Besame Red or Victory Red and I didn't want to wear Merlot which is a wine red, I wanted something with more brown but just the right red. Yet again Gabriela has done it again! I love the color, since I'm wearing dark colors today with the exception of the pink cheeks (I needed to balance out with the reds) this is a new favorite go to color. I plan to buy another tube of this color and another tube of Snow White Red. Stay tuned for more vintage/pinup posts!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Pinup Christmas Makeup

If anyone knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE Christmas! I have never done Christmas eye makeup and wanted to try it out. I decided to be literal and go with the red, green, and white Christmas colors. I have gotten lots of compliments on it, even the famous Mrs. Claus loved my makeup! The details are below.

For the pictures of my short pin curl hair style 
Foundation: Maybeline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Coconut, Besame Cosmetics Cocoa Cashmere Foundation Stick, Besame Cosmetics French Vanilla Brightening Powder
Eyebrows: Besame Cosmetics Brown Cake Mascara
Eyeliner & Mascara: Besame Cosmetics Black Cake Mascara    Lashes: L.A. Colors Dainty Lashes
Eyelids: Besame Cosmetics Snow White Story Book Eyeshadow Palette: Red 14, outer corner of lids and outer crease, Brick 105 
Crease: Wet n Wild-Pride palette: Sparkly green, brow bone, white
Lips: Besame Cosmetics Besame Red
Cheeks: 1915 Rose Delicate Rogue

For those of you that want don't want such a bright red for eyelids try a darker red color, I know it will look beautiful.

Makeup the same as above, lipstick, Besame Cosmetics: Snow White Red (limited edition)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Besame Cosmetics 7 Mini Dwarfs Lipstick Try out - Sneezy

Today I'm wearing "Sneezy" from the Snow White collection from Besame Cosmetics, from the Seven Dwarfs mini lipsticks. It has a nice plum color to it. I decided to go with a different look today and be casual. While the foundation, brows, mascara, and eyeliner are from Besame, I'm wearing L.A. Colors Matte Eyeshadow. I love wearing my big hoop earrings, they are very rock n roll but unfortunately I can't wear them at concerts because they're heavy and I can't dance and head bang with them on. Oh the downsides of being a fashionista, it comes with the territory. At the time of this posting Besame Cosmetics still has them for sale. I do hope they release a similar shade I really like this one. It reminds me a bit of Wild Orchid, I really like this one. Stay tuned for the next blog post. Also I just received word that I will get two packages from Besame next week! I can't wait to show those off and my vintage makeup. I will also be adding more videos and blog posts (Besame aside) and a Q&A! See you soon!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Besame Cosmetics 7 Mini Dwarfs Lipstick Try out- Happy

So today I decided to try out  "Happy" from the Besame Cosmetics 7 Mini Dwarfs from the Snow White Collection for the 80th anniversary. And I'm really liking it so far! My skin undertone is orange so I was a little hesitant when deciding to wear it this morning but it looks great! Also, I'm going for a different look and trying to experiment with eye shadows. I'm still wearing Besame of course, their Snow White Story Book Eye Shadow Palette, but I decided to try out pink today to go with my pink Marilyn Monroe shirt. On my eyelids I'm wearing Holly 104, for the crease I'm wearing Saddle 106, and for the brow bone I'm wearing Salmon 103. Eyebrows and eyeliner, and lashes, all from Besame and I'm wearing the Cocoa Cashmere Foundation Stick.

At the time of this posting everything is still available on Besame's website with the exception of the Story Book Eye Shadow Palette. But you can buy it here at Box Lunch

Stay tuned for my next Mini Dwarfs lipstick.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Calendar specification and look

Here is a picture of my calendar for 2015 for Black Pinups, this is what the calendar will look like when I am done. So for those of you that don't know what kind of pictures to submit or what the calendar looks like, I have two screenshots of what is in this year's calendar. Professional shots only like these two above. Please send high resolution or send me the photographer's info or have them contact me so I can get your photos. I have had a lot of submissions of pictures from Facebook, selfies or candid, hardly any of them are professional. And the pictures are small (200KB) some even submitted 50KB which are profile pictures from Facebook and these are not acceptable. Pictures of that size will be grainy and blurry. 
Here is what I need:
*Landscape or horizontal
*8.5 x11
*1MB or higher in size
*300 DPI or higher is acceptable
So please send me the photographer's info if you don't know what I mean by size specs. And you can send the pictures either through attachment or on email address will be

Thank you,