Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Pose like a Pinup!

So you read (at least I hope you did) on how to be a pinup model, but what about posing? Well I recently came across a wonderful model, by the name of Cherry Dollface and she gives video tutorials on how to do just that! Not only does she show you how to pose, but how to pose with props, and facial expressions of a pinup model. Also she tells you how to market yourself as a pinup model. These videos are amazing and very helpful! You can also "Like" her on Facebook and subscribe to her on YouTube! Good luck and I can't wait to see your pictures!

Facebook: The Cherry Dollface Facebook
YouTube: The Cherry Dollface

Monday, October 27, 2014

"I Want to be Loved by You..."-Body Shaming

One day I came across a picture of a beautiful plus size model, that one of my favorite singers, Lzzy Hale posted. And the comments I read were unbelievable, comments along the lines of, "real women have curves," "I rather have a woman with curves than a skinny woman," or "Bones are for dogs." That was really hurtful to me, because I'm 5'2 and petite, I'm shaped exactly like my Mother. Unless you're dieting, to become a stick figure because that's your choice I and other women can control are body shapes. One of my favorite actresses, Audrey Hepburn was 110 pounds after WWII, she didn't try to be that way, she had an hour glass figure before the War but because of her hiding out and being malnourished her body was permanently altered. Women tried to diet to be as skinny as she was but she told them no that's how she was shaped due to the effects of war. Some women are an Audrey, others are a Marilyn or a Dottie (Dorothy Dandridge) and some are a Queen Latifah.

What others like is their choice, there are some men that only want a plus size woman, there are others that only want small framed women, and there are some that just don't care as long as a woman looks their way! Lol. But to put down a woman because of her natural size is wrong. I never liked the motto, "real women have curves." It has annoyed me since the movie came out, and even saying it a few times didn't fit me at all. The term, "real women" is now taking on a different meaning. Some say it's a woman that's completely natural, no makeup, real hair, etc. Others say it's a woman with confidence, smart and knows herself (which I agree with) and secure in her own skin. And some think as long as you can talk and move doesn't matter if you look like Barbie you're a "real woman." I think what's on the inside is what counts. If a woman wants to get implants and a tummy tuck that's her business, I don't think that makes her any less real. The Queen of Burlesque, the Goddess (what I call her), Dita von Teese has implants does that make her less real? Not in my book.

I know that people have their preference for what a "real woman" is but all sizes need love too. No matter what I do I will never be 5'8 nor will I be a size 12 with curves like Mae West or Marilyn Monroe. That's okay, God built me this way, but no dog will ever come after me because he likes bones, a real man will come to me because of the inside. And that's what it should be about I know you guys are visual creatures but I'm sure you will get bored real quick with a vain person rambling about herself and her looks. So no more body-shaming! You like what you like and keep your negative feelings to yourself.

xo Candace

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to be a Pinup Model

So you want to be a pinup model or do you just want to model for fun? Whatever the reason for your choice to model I will give you some of helpful tips to get you started!

  • Study! Look through pinup pages on Facebook, websites, and Youtube to study posing and looks. Youtube is very helpful because there are tutorials on how to pose and what look it will create for your body. A DVD that I absolutely love that is extremely helpful is, "How to be a Pinup Model" with burlesque and pinup lovelies, Bettina May and Go-Go Amy. It's short and simple and to the point. For Youtube I recently discovered a pinup by the name of Cherry Doll Face she is perfect for explaining poses, and what and what not to do with your hands and feet.
  • Take selfies! It may sound silly to some but it's a great way to look at how you look in front of the camera...even if it's with your phone. Also practicing in the mirror is a great way to see what look you feel the most comfortable with.
  • Drink and eat healthy! I swear by water and green tea! All the time every time, it's okay to have soda every once in awhile or a glass of wine (I'm absolutely a wine gal!) But everything must be done in moderation. Water flushes everything out in your system and of course keeps you hydrated. Green tea is an excellent what I call antibiotic. It gets rid of the toxins in your body, especially if you have crazy hormones and are prone to swollen lymph nodes (such as myself). Green tea, water, and walking around the block help with swollen lymph nodes (and lots of Ibuprofen) and makes your body feel rejuvenated. Eating healthy like veggies and fruit give you a healthier look and clears up your skin. I hate working out and walking is the only "work out" I do. Eating healthy, getting 8-9 hours of sleep before a photo shoot will make you feel ready for each shoot. Partying and drinking makes it that much harder for editing on the photographer and why would you put your photographer through so much work? :-)
  • Research! Research for photographers in your area, look at their portfolios and see which one you think would be a good fit as well as compare pricing that fits your budget.
  • Get the look! Again, Youtube will be your best friend, makeup and hair tutorials galore! Relaxed, natural, short, or long Youtube is your friend! Or you could buy vintage hair/makeup books, Amazon is your new best friend. You can also go to I started there when I was looking at how to get the looks I wanted as well as Youtube and looking at beautiful pinup lovelies, like Angelique Noire, Ashleeta, Dita von Teese, and Lili Rose.
  • Wig it out! Wigs are great for the retro look, they're diverse, and if you just don't feel like doing your hair, throw a wig on! There are quite a few pinup lovelies that rock "wig it out" very well!
  • Have fun! The most important thing in the retro world whether it's rockabilly, burlesque, or pinup, have fun! The best thing about the pinup/rockabilly world is that there is no standard look. There are so many different types of pinups; alternative, gothic, rockabilly, classic, tattooed, and even if you're an expecting mother, there's a pinup look for that! So any size, age, or look you can be a pinup model! Now that you have those tips, "strike a pose!"
  • *One more thing!  NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR RED LIPSTICK! There's nothing worse than looking dolled up and your lipstick is fading only to find out that you can't reapply, the worse thing ever! Trust me I know! Buy as many as you can and always have an extra one in every purse!