Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Calendar specification and look

Here is a picture of my calendar for 2015 for Black Pinups, this is what the calendar will look like when I am done. So for those of you that don't know what kind of pictures to submit or what the calendar looks like, I have two screenshots of what is in this year's calendar. Professional shots only like these two above. Please send high resolution or send me the photographer's info or have them contact me so I can get your photos. I have had a lot of submissions of pictures from Facebook, selfies or candid, hardly any of them are professional. And the pictures are small (200KB) some even submitted 50KB which are profile pictures from Facebook and these are not acceptable. Pictures of that size will be grainy and blurry. 
Here is what I need:
*Landscape or horizontal
*8.5 x11
*1MB or higher in size
*300 DPI or higher is acceptable
So please send me the photographer's info if you don't know what I mean by size specs. And you can send the pictures either through attachment or on email address will be

Thank you,