Saturday, February 7, 2015

Donation drive to help My Belleza Inc.

Hello everyone, it's Candace Michelle founder of Black Pinups. Below you will read information of a fellow pinup lovely, Samantha who is asking for your help with her new publication, My Belleza Inc. It's for a great cause so please help if you can!

Thank you!

xo Candace

 I am a military spouse her stationed at Fort Campbell. I mentor and minister to women and young girls. I also am a published model with experience in the fashion industry. I train these ladies who are inspired and want to become models. Little do they know how much they will actually gain by working with me! My mission is to empower and uplift our female society spiritually through Christ and give our youth a chance to a brighter future.

Recently I launched an online magazine called "My Belleza Inc." which is also my company marketing name. Currently I have 6 young ladies under my wing!  March 7th "Sunburst" will be holding a Pageant and Model Search contest at the Governor’s Square Mall at 5pm. In order to prepare the girls paying for their registration and attire, I would like to hold a donation collection to help support the girls and we will also be donating a third of what we raise to "The Emanuel Family Life Center" her in Clarksville, TN. The Emanuel Family Life Center is a nonprofit organization who feeds the homeless, caters to our youth and help our community through Christ.

Our goal also with "MyBelleza Inc." is to be able to help others who wish to register for the Sunburst Event who may be unable to due to finances. Get our youths attention and giving back to our community is what is in our heart! If you are interested in helping please let me know. I am reaching out to a few local businesses that are willing to have a donation box and flyers to support the cause. We are collecting $5 donation with a chance to win a $100 gift card! There will be multiple winners depending on the donation result. Of course all donations are welcome; however, $5 or more enters you in. Multiple entries are welcome to win. You will be provided with all the materials needed and all people have to do is take a ticket, fill it out, staple it to their donation and enter it into the box (instructions will be visible on the ballot box)!

Last but not least, the businesses that choose to help will be named as a sponsor for one of the girls which will be named at the event, put out through social media, as well as a radio broadcast! The business will also be mentioned in the donation to The Emanuel Family Life Center.  Please review the website as well as the event pages below.