Monday, August 19, 2013

Photo Submissions for Black Pinups publication

Photo Submissions

So you want to be featured in Black Pinups? You can be a part of the magazine! Here are the guidelines and requirements.

Images that are 1MB or higher will only be accepted. Check your file size before you submit, if you don't have it then contact your photographer or have the photographer email me at

Pinups & Burlesquettes
Please send high quality and high resolution pictures. If you’re an aspiring pinup model and don’t have any professional shots you can post them on the page. Selfies or self-taken shots will not be accepted but can be posted on the page.

If you don’t see your picture in this issue don’t worry you will be in an issue of Black Pinups I will e-mail you and let you know. You can submit as many pictures as you want and you can resubmit as many times as you like. Please submit pictures in Dropbox at or Photobucket. For those of you who don’t know what Dropbox is, it is a file hosting service much like Photobucket but you can upload documents, photos, and videos for free. You can share your pictures with the link of your picture or folders you placed your pictures in and send it in an e-mail. The e-mail you will send it to is This is to ensure me that I will not download any unsuspecting viruses you may not know of. And please make sure that these are retro inspired pictures. I have gotten a few “video vixen pinup” submissions that I will not accept. This isn’t KING magazine it’s about celebrating the look of the past. And make sure that I have the photographer's name and or company and if applicable makeup and hair artists as well.

Retro Living
Do you have any retro, vintage, or antique items you’re proud of? Whether it’s a living room, kitchen, or even a collection you might have is fine. Anything that’s from the past that you would like to showcase and give a story about the item and what it means to you and how you came across it is acceptable. If you’re taking pictures make sure they aren’t blurry and there is good enough lighting. If you’re taking a picture of a vanity table or an item that’s on top of a surface please make sure the surface is clean and there aren’t any objects in the background. Please no pictures of yourself in the background. If you’re taking a picture that has a mirror in it make sure that you’re not visible. No cell phone pictures!

Family Photos
Do you have any family pictures from back in the day? Any year until the year 1979 I will accept. You can submit a story if you would like. What that person was like and if they inspired you. You can submit the photos by scanning them in and submitting them to Dropbox or Photobucket.

Car Photos

Do you have a classic car that you own or just finished restoring? By all means submit! Any car, hot rod, or truck that you have restored or own will be accepted as long as it's up to 1979. I will not accept anything after the year 1979. Please make sure these are clear pictures. And make sure the car is clean! No bird poop! I will be featuring it as "Ride of the Month" and you can provide information about your vehicle, how you got started, and if it applies, what your next ride will be.

Make sure you include your name and if you have any questions. Please feel free to ask!